Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Will you sign my... bench?

Adding to my Unconventional Guest Book series:

I was thinking we could make a bench together (take a stab at being handy wood workers) or have one of the men in my family (Grandaddy!) make us a wooden bench. Neither AJR or I have ever constructed quite a project... so it may be wise to have a helping hand :)
But it could also be a really fun thing to do together, so we shall see! (Assuming he likes this idea for the wedding)

I love the idea of doing this because:
a) I like the do-it-yourself model or having something hand-made
b) Amazing keepsake, functional and sentimental!
c) It's unique. Betcha most people have never signed a bench at a wedding!

It would be fun to make design plans and deciding where we would want the bench once the wedding is over. It could be a neat hallway piece in the house (what a conversation starter!) or a cute little spot to sit together in the evenings outside.

And look... tons of info on the web for how-to's!

(images from OnceWed)


  1. OR... You could even find a run down bench at a thrift store or antique store and spruce it up... It might end up being cheaper since wood and supplies add up! Plus, recycle, reuse... whats the other R? Reduce?

    "Go Green" effort for the green wedding?

  2. boom. Andi youre a genius! Me likes.