Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mason Jars

I don't know how AJR is going to feel about this... but I am completely infatuated with the idea of a country/rustic inspired (ugh, he hates the word rustic. sorry!) wedding reception.

I'm not talking camouflage tuxedos or the bridal party doing kegstands (although I won't be surprised if some of our beloved friends decide kegstands are a good idea once the Grandmas leave). I'm thinking simple, sweet, homemade lemonade, outdoor reception, beer in mason jars, lawn games, good food, and just a warm and fun atmosphere. None of this uptight if-you-don't-dance-you-are-bored-at-your-assigned-table nonsense!

Anyway, with that said... I just adore Mason jars in general. I think they are lovely... I like different shapes and sizes of the jars and I love that they have kind of a country vintage appeal to them. I really feel convicted to include them in the recpetion decor in some way shape or form (whether you like it or not!). I believe this can be done in an elegant and very wedding appropriate manner... so... I found a few images I like but hopefully I will have more to add later pertaining to Mason jars and my sneaky ideas to fit them into the wedding. (muahaha)
See.. look how beautiful that is! (compliments of Apartment Therapy)
Okay... this would obviously be a huge commitment to pull off, but figured I'd throw it in here because of how awesome it looks!              (Apartment Therapy)
             Ah, what Southern charm ye behold. I like! (yet another Apartment Therapy ) 

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