Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lawn Games!

Since the bridal party is busy taking pictures and such before the reception begins, I plan to have some fun things planned for the guests while they wait for the party to start. Our friends and family all love lawn games (we always manage to play some corn-hole or ladder ball when we all get together) so I figure why not have some available to them when they arrive on the reception site? I figure this will be a perfect way for people to mingle while beginning the cocktail hour and it is also a fun way for people to enjoy themselves even during the reception (for the non-dancers).

I think it would be awesome to start browsing around for some vintage lawn games (thrift stores? ebay?) or have all the lawn games painted in our wedding colors (green!).

Hm... Not sure how so many croquet pictures ended up on here... I thought I was most excited about ladder golf... but look at that vintage croquet set! Love it. I really think the guests would appreciate this one :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yet another Post on Mason Jars

I just want to expand on my love for them.

How can you not after seeing these photos?

Absolutely have to have them as part of the centerpieces in some way, shape, or form.

(images from One Love Photo)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Does anyone else find this totally creepy?

Probably NOT going to use this as wedding decor. However much it did make me laugh.
(image from OnceWed)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Will you sign my... bench?

Adding to my Unconventional Guest Book series:

I was thinking we could make a bench together (take a stab at being handy wood workers) or have one of the men in my family (Grandaddy!) make us a wooden bench. Neither AJR or I have ever constructed quite a project... so it may be wise to have a helping hand :)
But it could also be a really fun thing to do together, so we shall see! (Assuming he likes this idea for the wedding)

I love the idea of doing this because:
a) I like the do-it-yourself model or having something hand-made
b) Amazing keepsake, functional and sentimental!
c) It's unique. Betcha most people have never signed a bench at a wedding!

It would be fun to make design plans and deciding where we would want the bench once the wedding is over. It could be a neat hallway piece in the house (what a conversation starter!) or a cute little spot to sit together in the evenings outside.

And look... tons of info on the web for how-to's!

(images from OnceWed)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Instant Gratification

This summer my sister and her husband had a wedding celebration in my parent's backyard and brought along with them a Polaroid camera to capture some memories they could look at on their flight back home to Kansas City. They came across one at a thrift store and decided to buy some film and see what came of it.

There is something just so hip and vintage about a Polaroid photograph. (Oooh grainy imperfect pictures with bad lighting is somehow romanticized when it is in that little 4 inch white framed square)

I was reading an article today about the history of Polaroid and I thought about making some searches for ideas to incorporate Polaroid into a fun wedding activity.

I had been thinking of some ideas about having a few Polaroid cameras for guests to play around with as opposed to having a photo booth (which I would kill to have at the reception, but know that it would be way too expensive).


  • Provide a few Polaroid cameras at a table and have guests use a silver marker, leaving their well wishes on the back of their mug shot, which we then collect in a nice wooden box
  • Have a backdrop where guests can do their own photo shoots and include props and such for them to have fun with (you've probably seen the mustache phenomenon)
  • Once guests take Polaroid photos, they can insert them into an instant photo album guest book

This will not be the last you hear about this.... How fun would it be to think of some prop ideas? And pick out a fabric for a back drop? Ohhh I'm excited.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh Michaels, You Will Be The Death Of Me (or at least my bank account)

So I went to Michaels today during my lunch break and somehow walked out spending over $50 worth of stuff (but most of it was on sale I promise!). Apparently extremely easy to do when you pop into the scrapbook section for 30 minutes. Martha Stewart products are incredibly eye catching and I want to buy them all. (and did buy a lot)

This post won't be long since this is way past my bedtime and I don't want to give away secrets about the things I purchased today... but I just wanted to announce my reunited love for being crafty. (Once upon a time before the days of exams in college and the pursuit of then-coolness, I enjoyed browsing craft stores for fun kits to make things. I once made my own moccasins and actually wore them. Why? The Lord will only know.)
Here's to hoping I do something more useful with my newfound love of creativity and craft.

One of the things I am most excited about are stamps. Wowzas, stamps are cool.

And I imagine them coming in handy when I am trying to make weddingness crafty and unique. (Hello invitations... announcements... table numbers... ohmylordiamgoingtostampEVERYTHING)

The Wishing Tree

Browsing through some creative ways to let the guests leave their well wishes and good lucks at a wedding, I really liked the “wishing tree”. More “guest book” ideas will be popping up soon, but I thought I’d throw these in here since they fit the rustic theme I so badly want.

The idea is to have branches or a bare miniature tree (a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree if you will) set up at a table with blank tags that the guests can fill out and write their messages to the bride and groom on.

Some twists:
  •  You can make the tags in all different patterns that match your wedding colors/theme
  •  The tags could be cut out to match your theme (flower, bird, candy, star shapes, etc.)
  •  The tree can be used as reception d├ęcor (I am all about hitting two birds with one stone)
  •  The tree can be outfitted in any way you choose… spray paint it gold or silver or your wedding colors, add glitter, or even make it a Christmas theme and have the guests sign ornaments instead of tags (provided you are getting married in December), etc.

You can find instructions via Style Me Pretty's Style Circle on how to do this here

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Engagement Rings

This weekend AJR expressed his annoyance with the wait for the ring. Man, if HE feels anxious about it, you can only imagine what I’ve been going through all summer! Because this is a symbol of your promise to marriage and it’s something you will wear on your left hand for the rest of your life, it does make a bit of a stressful situation when trying to figure out which ring is the one for The One.

Especially if the future bride is a Picky One.

When AJR and I started talking seriously about engagement, I allowed myself to begin browsing a few rings here and there. At first you feel almost rebellious, like it’s not allowed. (You find yourself looking over your shoulder at your computer desk to make sure no one catches you). But then you relieve your guilty conscience and tell your boyfriend and your friends what you’re doing. Then you hook your girl friends (even the single ones) into looking with you. Soon you become all too familiar with words that were once foreign such as “pave”, “Tacori”, “channel setting” and “marquis”. I think most women have an idea of what they envision for their ring based on previous style in jewelry or what they’ve seen on their friends.
 Ugh, was I ever wrong. Once I actually did go and try on rings, I was disappointed to learn that they look much much different on the internet than they do on your finger. So keep it in mind before you get engaged, that while it would be romantic and exciting to get a complete surprise ring… if given the option to try a few on beforehand, DO IT. 
AJR is actually getting my ring custom made which I’m pretty psyched about because it will be unique and something that he really had a lot of input as to what it looks like. I have no idea what it will look like (yay, romantic and exciting part) but I did send him links to several ideas so that he could get a general feel to what I want. Only down side is the TIME piece. To get anything hand crafted in life, you must allow time. And be patient. Very patient. (Which us women tend to not have a whole lot of when it comes to things like this. Le sigh.)

I love the vintage look.

Monday, September 14, 2009

500 Days of Summer

This weekend AJR took me to see 500 Days of Summer... such a beautiful movie! (side note: it really isn't a great love story if you're looking for something romantic)
My new girl crush is Zooey Deschanel and I am hoping that Marc Webb directs some more movies that are similar to this one.

So when we got home, we decided to Youtube the movie because there was a really funny dance scene involving the former 3rd Rock from the Sun star doing a number to the Hall & Oates classic (You're Makin' My Dreams Come True!) and AJR had it in his mind that he would someday recreate that dance in true Joseph Gordon-Levitt fashion.
Then we stumbled upon a little gem that I can't stop hitting the "play again" button on. It's a video with the stars from the movie, but has nothing to do with movie at all. The song is by She&Him (which, yep that's Zooey singing) and it's just a creative dance video. AJR and I immediately believed that we too could pull off one such dance. Possibly a really fun/awesome/unforgettable FIRST dance.

Of course, there are other ideas we will have to sort through, and neither of us is a particularly talented dancer (ahem. we are both totally awkward and look like girraffes walking on hot coals while out on the dance floor, but we shall see).

(poster picture)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rainy Day Wedding

Today I decided I wouldn't mind if it rains on my wedding day. (To make the love grow!) AJR once said that he had a vision of me in a white dress and kissing me in the rain (isn't he such a romantic? yeeaahhh... he probably doesn't even remember that. or at least he will try to pretend he forgot now that I posted it to the public! hahaha).

I have my heart set on an outdoor reception... and even if the Farmer's Almanac has unremitting warnings of thunderous precipitation for that entire weekend, I will still stand my ground and demand an outdoor wedding (One Stubborn Bride perhaps?)

I think that a rainy wedding day can actually turn out to be really nice, especially in warm weather. If anything, it will be something people remember! Now, for the sake of the guests (and my hair) I am hoping for sunny skies but if it does happen to rain, I think I could handle it. We could have an amazing photo shoot (oh no. I now see why I am fantasizing about a rainy wedding...) Can't you just imagine the dashing groom carrying his beautiful bride through the rain? Or the two of them jumping in puddles together all clad in wedding gear? Or a pair of nice galoshes with a wedding dress? (I promise I wouldn't break out my Duck boots on such a day)

Ah, what a perfect rainy wedding day


Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome to the Wedding

Going along with my little country like theme (yee-haw!), I was thinking of some ideas on what we could have for wedding signs. I've been to weddings where they have the couple's initials plastered everywhere and I have to admit, I am not a fan (and the Picky Bride comes out!). I just want something in front of the reception that is a welcome sign of some sort. I don't really like the wreathe idea (ugh. way overdone) and banners remind me of birthday parties for kids.

This is so cute. I like the old window pane look... and I would love to find an actual window to use!
So, this serves as a double duty... a warm welcome and a way to tell people where their table is! I LOVE it!
(check out this AWESOME reception from OnceWed, very similar atmosphere that I am hoping for)
(I found this on theknot.com)
I picture my Dad or Grandad making me something like this, but have it just say "The ____'s" (last name) with the wedding date underneath so that we could save it for our future home (stake that sucker in the front yard!) Yep, already signing the men in my family up for wedding duties.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mason Jars

I don't know how AJR is going to feel about this... but I am completely infatuated with the idea of a country/rustic inspired (ugh, he hates the word rustic. sorry!) wedding reception.

I'm not talking camouflage tuxedos or the bridal party doing kegstands (although I won't be surprised if some of our beloved friends decide kegstands are a good idea once the Grandmas leave). I'm thinking simple, sweet, homemade lemonade, outdoor reception, beer in mason jars, lawn games, good food, and just a warm and fun atmosphere. None of this uptight if-you-don't-dance-you-are-bored-at-your-assigned-table nonsense!

Anyway, with that said... I just adore Mason jars in general. I think they are lovely... I like different shapes and sizes of the jars and I love that they have kind of a country vintage appeal to them. I really feel convicted to include them in the recpetion decor in some way shape or form (whether you like it or not!). I believe this can be done in an elegant and very wedding appropriate manner... so... I found a few images I like but hopefully I will have more to add later pertaining to Mason jars and my sneaky ideas to fit them into the wedding. (muahaha)
See.. look how beautiful that is! (compliments of Apartment Therapy)
Okay... this would obviously be a huge commitment to pull off, but figured I'd throw it in here because of how awesome it looks!              (Apartment Therapy)
             Ah, what Southern charm ye behold. I like! (yet another Apartment Therapy )