Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rainy Day Wedding

Today I decided I wouldn't mind if it rains on my wedding day. (To make the love grow!) AJR once said that he had a vision of me in a white dress and kissing me in the rain (isn't he such a romantic? yeeaahhh... he probably doesn't even remember that. or at least he will try to pretend he forgot now that I posted it to the public! hahaha).

I have my heart set on an outdoor reception... and even if the Farmer's Almanac has unremitting warnings of thunderous precipitation for that entire weekend, I will still stand my ground and demand an outdoor wedding (One Stubborn Bride perhaps?)

I think that a rainy wedding day can actually turn out to be really nice, especially in warm weather. If anything, it will be something people remember! Now, for the sake of the guests (and my hair) I am hoping for sunny skies but if it does happen to rain, I think I could handle it. We could have an amazing photo shoot (oh no. I now see why I am fantasizing about a rainy wedding...) Can't you just imagine the dashing groom carrying his beautiful bride through the rain? Or the two of them jumping in puddles together all clad in wedding gear? Or a pair of nice galoshes with a wedding dress? (I promise I wouldn't break out my Duck boots on such a day)

Ah, what a perfect rainy wedding day


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