Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Sweetest Thing

This past Saturday night, AJR and I stopped over at my aunt's house for some dinner and to see my darling little flower girls. They seriously are my favorite little girls on the entire planet.

While on the couch, we sat as they entertained us with their Valentines toys from Grandma (yes, V-day toys. I still get them from Grandma and I am 23) and while Lenna was being the star of the show for the moment, Lora came off to the side and sheepishly looked at me. "I need to tell you a secret" she says. "What do you have for me?" I asked her as I pulled her beside me on the couch. "I can't WAIT for your wedding!" she whispered into my ear and said with such sincerity, I could have died. "Well I can't wait for you to be IN my wedding! You will be the most perfect flower girl in the world!"

Do I have the cutest cousins or what? I tried to get her to whisper the same thing to AJR, but that wasn't happening. Older boys make her shy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Can we add this to the menu?

I don't know if I've talked about our wedding day menu, but we are having a BBQ. Yep yep, going down home country on you all and having some pulled pork with my Grandad's famous sauce! I don't know why, but I have been totally obsessed with having BBQ. Maybe it's because it's awesome. Maybe it's because WHO COULD TURN DOWN BBQ?!?!? Name one person who doesn't like it. (vegetarians don't count)

Along with BBQ, we will have grilled chicken. But I need to think of a few other items to add to the menu. Besides the cake. ;)

We will have several drink options at the bar, but fresh lemonade and sweet tea will be our featured non-alchy drinks. For appetizers we will serve bacon wrapped scallops and fresh fruit trays.

I want just a few more items to spice up the menu. The caterer will also provide apple sauce, cole slaw, baked beans, and dinner rolls.

I was thinking of a fresh salad. I ran across this picture on Lucky Me! and I thought it was such a cute idea! I like that each little salad is in a berry container, so cute! A nice salad would be a good compliment to the meal.

I also need to be thinking of an alternate dessert. AJR's mom makes KILLER lemon bars. I wonder if she would be up for making oh say, 150 lemon bars for the wedding?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Adorable Download

I love the internet.
And I love the blog, Ruffled.

When I am getting ready on the wedding day, my groom will also be getting ready at the same house. I think it will be kind of fun knowing he's so close and that I have to hide from him before the ceremony! I like these door hangers... that are a free download! (all hail the internet and it's awesomeness)

I might have to make some for the day while we are getting ready and maybe one for the wedding night! How sweet :)

Download is found here!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Another pretty wedding day look that I would love is this one from The Bride's Cafe. I think it's time for me to go find a Sephora and get a make over to see what I like!


I saw these photos online and I just wanted to post them because I love her "look". I have no clue what I am doing for make-up (or hair!) for the big day, but I know I want it to be very natural and clean. The girl in the pictures just looks so fresh and pretty! I might want to go a little less on the eyeliner since I have such light hair and fair skin, but I am admiring her right now :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

We Heart Giraffes

So I promised I would show off our cake topper and here they are!

We ordered them from Etsy (of course) by Bunny With a Toolbelt. We kind of have this inside joke about giraffes and that if we were an animal couple we would be giraffes. The other day we were talking about cake toppers and AJR said we should have animal ones (he's a total animal lover, I bought him the F U Penguin book for Christmas and he about died). At first he suggested dogs because he's mildly obsessed with them, but then the conversation led to giraffes and we got so excited and I remembered seeing this seller because she made alligator ones. So BAM there you have it... we are giraffes. I think they are just precious.

Well, THEN I got to thinking about the cake. And I know I wanted the textured white cake. But now I am leaning toward a striped looking cake like this one here. I don't know why, but I just feel like it would look better with the giraffes and I think the stripes are equally as cool as the textured look.

Anyone have any suggestions? I think I am just so excited about the giraffes that I don't cake WHAT the care looks like!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One of those Days...

I feel that this should be a short post because really all I want to do is talk about how much I miss AJR and how I can't wait until we are married and that waiting another 3 and a half months just sounds too darn long! I don't want to subject anyone to that kind of mushy talk, so instead I will just ramble about some recent happenings. First of all this morning I got caught up for way too many hours of my life sitting in court (I'm innocent I swear!) for a traffic ticket involving me running a red light. Sigghhh. I had to pay a large fine. It was a bummer. I also didn't go to work because I didn't want to make the hour haul half way through the day so I was left in a bad mood with a list of errands that needed to be completed. So I took my car in for some maintenance work and walked around the adorable little shopping area of Libbie Grove. I had to get more lace for my dress (man, this dress is so NEEDY!) and I stopped in an adorable little paper store to look at their invitation stuff. The shop is in a ritzy part of town, so of course everything was out of my price range, but I was there for like an hour looking through ideas and admiring designs and letterpress. I really love stationary. Like a lot. I have reeaallyy been putting off doing the invites because I am so undecisive and everything I want is just for someone else's budget, not mine. I keep coming back to the thought that I should buy cardstock in bulk online and hand stamp them myself. I am really liking this idea, but I am concerned about the time it will take to do them all. After going to the paper store though, I really think I need to just commit already! This is seriously at the top of my list... I am getting to it I promise!
After my little stroll through Libbie Grove (and a very expensive car bill) I went to pay Oksana a visit because I was getting pretty anxious about the fact that my dress is too tight. Basically she keeps telling me how I will shed all this weight before the wedding from stress, but I have decided a really skinny Whitney is a really ugly Whitney. No one wants to see a stick figure bride and I am not happy with the way I look when I am under weight. I informed her that I will actually be working on keeping weight on, not losing it. Thankfully she understood and has agreed that before the wedding she will let the dress out if needed. Those Russians. They just want everyone to be stick skinny and model like. Oh well.
So anyhow, that was my day in a nutshell. I feel about a zillion times better about the dress... especially after the latest addition to it and the fact that it will definitely fit right. Whhheewww.
We sent out our wedding website this week to our family and friends, I'm really glad that it's done. We will still need to update it and whatnot, but everyone seems to really like it which makes me happy. We originally made one with The Knot, but I came across Project Wedding and theirs is WAY nicer. The layouts are really classy and I am pleased with the result :)

Oh! And we ordered our cake topper... I'll post on that tomorrow. It pretty much rocks!

Okay, so much for a short post. Also, thinking on it, 3 and a half months is not that long. 100 days from today! Remember in elementary school when it was 100 days before summer they would make paper chains and get all excited? I think we may have even made hats too. I want my "100 Days" hat.