Monday, September 14, 2009

500 Days of Summer

This weekend AJR took me to see 500 Days of Summer... such a beautiful movie! (side note: it really isn't a great love story if you're looking for something romantic)
My new girl crush is Zooey Deschanel and I am hoping that Marc Webb directs some more movies that are similar to this one.

So when we got home, we decided to Youtube the movie because there was a really funny dance scene involving the former 3rd Rock from the Sun star doing a number to the Hall & Oates classic (You're Makin' My Dreams Come True!) and AJR had it in his mind that he would someday recreate that dance in true Joseph Gordon-Levitt fashion.
Then we stumbled upon a little gem that I can't stop hitting the "play again" button on. It's a video with the stars from the movie, but has nothing to do with movie at all. The song is by She&Him (which, yep that's Zooey singing) and it's just a creative dance video. AJR and I immediately believed that we too could pull off one such dance. Possibly a really fun/awesome/unforgettable FIRST dance.

Of course, there are other ideas we will have to sort through, and neither of us is a particularly talented dancer (ahem. we are both totally awkward and look like girraffes walking on hot coals while out on the dance floor, but we shall see).

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