Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Engagement Rings

This weekend AJR expressed his annoyance with the wait for the ring. Man, if HE feels anxious about it, you can only imagine what I’ve been going through all summer! Because this is a symbol of your promise to marriage and it’s something you will wear on your left hand for the rest of your life, it does make a bit of a stressful situation when trying to figure out which ring is the one for The One.

Especially if the future bride is a Picky One.

When AJR and I started talking seriously about engagement, I allowed myself to begin browsing a few rings here and there. At first you feel almost rebellious, like it’s not allowed. (You find yourself looking over your shoulder at your computer desk to make sure no one catches you). But then you relieve your guilty conscience and tell your boyfriend and your friends what you’re doing. Then you hook your girl friends (even the single ones) into looking with you. Soon you become all too familiar with words that were once foreign such as “pave”, “Tacori”, “channel setting” and “marquis”. I think most women have an idea of what they envision for their ring based on previous style in jewelry or what they’ve seen on their friends.
 Ugh, was I ever wrong. Once I actually did go and try on rings, I was disappointed to learn that they look much much different on the internet than they do on your finger. So keep it in mind before you get engaged, that while it would be romantic and exciting to get a complete surprise ring… if given the option to try a few on beforehand, DO IT. 
AJR is actually getting my ring custom made which I’m pretty psyched about because it will be unique and something that he really had a lot of input as to what it looks like. I have no idea what it will look like (yay, romantic and exciting part) but I did send him links to several ideas so that he could get a general feel to what I want. Only down side is the TIME piece. To get anything hand crafted in life, you must allow time. And be patient. Very patient. (Which us women tend to not have a whole lot of when it comes to things like this. Le sigh.)

I love the vintage look.

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  1. I am enjoying following the links and the idea's that you are listing. This is great. I love the 100 layer cake site. Looking forward to when we start planning everything. love, mom