Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh Michaels, You Will Be The Death Of Me (or at least my bank account)

So I went to Michaels today during my lunch break and somehow walked out spending over $50 worth of stuff (but most of it was on sale I promise!). Apparently extremely easy to do when you pop into the scrapbook section for 30 minutes. Martha Stewart products are incredibly eye catching and I want to buy them all. (and did buy a lot)

This post won't be long since this is way past my bedtime and I don't want to give away secrets about the things I purchased today... but I just wanted to announce my reunited love for being crafty. (Once upon a time before the days of exams in college and the pursuit of then-coolness, I enjoyed browsing craft stores for fun kits to make things. I once made my own moccasins and actually wore them. Why? The Lord will only know.)
Here's to hoping I do something more useful with my newfound love of creativity and craft.

One of the things I am most excited about are stamps. Wowzas, stamps are cool.

And I imagine them coming in handy when I am trying to make weddingness crafty and unique. (Hello invitations... announcements... table numbers... ohmylordiamgoingtostampEVERYTHING)

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