Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Honeymoon!

And our honeymoon is officially booked!

AJR chose to go to Vancouver, BC and it looks ammaazziinngg! Originally, I wanted to visit Ireland, but since that was a dreamworld request (when you are 23 and trying to plan a wedding, you don't have the luxury of just traveling the world for fun) AJR had to explore some other options. I'm still crossing my fingers for a one year or two year anniversary trip to Ireland ;-)

However, Vancouver is definitely a pretty easy compromise. It has everything I wanted in a honeymoon. Great scenery, delicious restaurants, outdoor activities, and it looks clean and beautiful. I was completely against the idea of going anywhere tropical or too touristy. I didn't want a honeymoon where I had to bathe in sunscreen to do anything fun, as I am about the whitest girl you've ever seen. AJR isn't a beach person either.. we'd prefer walking on a cobblestone street in some romantic town and drinking wine or something. So needless to say, Vancouver proved to be the perfect getaway for us as a newly married couple! We are blessed enough to have parents who own an RCI timeshare, so our honeymoon will be at a fraction of the cost it normally would. Thank you Mom and Vince!

Vancouver at night... swoon!

Shopping! What a charming area.

I am dying to go whale watching. Stunning.

Butchart Botantical Gardens in Victoria

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