Monday, December 14, 2009

Grandview Manor, Our Reception Spot!

I feel like we are starting to kick some wedding butt! This weekend AJR's mom and my family met in my hometown to accompany AJR and I to check out the reception site for some ideas on set-up and so that AJR's mom could see my hometown and all the glory it has to offer! Here are some photos I snapped from the little trip.  We also booked the restaurant that AJR's parents will be hosting our rehearsal dinner. Oh, AND I finally showed my mom my wedding dress! Friday night I made a trip to a fabric and button store to purchase a few things my Russian seamstress is going to adhere to The Dress. Somehow a tiny ziploc bag with a piece of lace and satin covered buttons cost me $98. Whew... on second thought, maybe this wedding is kicking MY butt.

The back of the manor facing the water. I'm in love with the humungous sleeper porch on the second floor, so fun! To the left of the house is a pool house and tennis courts.

AJR and his mom checking out the dock. The tide was so low!

Ahhh, my favorite part of the house! The bathroom that is bigger than any bedroom I've ever had. Amazing! This is where I want to get ready before the ceremony since there is no bride's room at the church. It is perfectly roomy for me and my bridesmaids to get all prepped!

This is the bedroom connected to the bathroom fit for a queen. The bathroom actually doesn't have a door, it is all completely open and airy. I love all the natural light! (haha, and there's my step-dad and AJR checking things out :)

My little sister was not so keen on having her photo taken while she sat on the bed.

I kind of liked the shabby chic feel of the furniture and decor.

A cute little fireplace.

A formal dining area.

It's quite possible that I only took this photo because it had green.

So basically, that's a quick preview to the manor. The reception will be held outdoors under a 5-peak tent facing the water and people can have access to the house to use the bathroom, but the house will actually be just for AJR's family that will be coming there from out of town. There are 6 bedrooms, and numerous couches and space for them to set up camp for the weekend. It's a perfect spot and has everything I wanted in a reception site!

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