Saturday, December 5, 2009

Checking Things Off That List!

This was a wonderfully productive weekend. Yesterday my future mother-in-law dragged me over to Bed Bath and Beyond again. Apparently I am a very shy registerer (made up word?) and my items were much too small in quantity. *Sigh. So basically, when you think you have your registry close to being finished, think again. Oh yes my friends, when we went to BBB the nice lady in the bridal department printed out a list of everything I had already registered for. It was 5 pages. To me... that sounds like a lot of gifts. I think the lady and my future mother-in-law shared a nice little chuckle at me and then proceeded to show me all the things that I didn't even know I wanted. 2 hours later, after a grumpy bride and a gleeful yet determined mother-in-law were finished, the bridal dept. lady printed off the new list. THIRTEEN PAGES. I am terrified people will think I'm greedy, but they assured me that guests will be thankful for all the options. I'm just thankful that was my last BBB trip (well, hopefully).

Then today, my future mother-in-law and future sister-in-law, Lauren decided I had to make yet another trip out dedicated to registry. This time AJR came along, which always makes everything more bearable. We hit Crate and Barrel up for a few more items and this time it was actually a little more fun because C&B is just so niiiiice. (Plus, again the Christmas decorations put me in a good mood). It really was sooo helpful to have Lauren and mom in law to help... their advice and enthusiasm for shopping is unbelievable.

They also decided to take me over to DSW to look for wedding shoes. I actually found the perfect pair! I'm so excited :)

The other things we have made progress on... (drumroll) WEDDING BANDS! We went to the jeweler that made my engagement ring, Dominion Jewelers and picked the ones we want. I loooove mine! It is gorgeous! AJR's is really nice as well so I can't wait to see what they look like when they are finished making them (sometime in January).

And last but not least, our Save the Dates! We ordered them a few weeks ago and they are in, addressed, and ready to be stamped and mailed!

So... now that my progress has been typed out online, I feel very good about it all and can rest in peace tonight (I had another wedding nightmare last night. shiivveerr).

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