Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Sweetest Thing

This past Saturday night, AJR and I stopped over at my aunt's house for some dinner and to see my darling little flower girls. They seriously are my favorite little girls on the entire planet.

While on the couch, we sat as they entertained us with their Valentines toys from Grandma (yes, V-day toys. I still get them from Grandma and I am 23) and while Lenna was being the star of the show for the moment, Lora came off to the side and sheepishly looked at me. "I need to tell you a secret" she says. "What do you have for me?" I asked her as I pulled her beside me on the couch. "I can't WAIT for your wedding!" she whispered into my ear and said with such sincerity, I could have died. "Well I can't wait for you to be IN my wedding! You will be the most perfect flower girl in the world!"

Do I have the cutest cousins or what? I tried to get her to whisper the same thing to AJR, but that wasn't happening. Older boys make her shy.

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