Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I steal office supplies.

I am a terrible blogger. Oops. Apologies for not writing in so long. All two of you have been VERY upset at me for no new posts so here I am to update and save the world!

What has really happened is that life is absolutely crazy right now. I have had job interviews, figuring out my move strategy and last day of current job, my new nephew was born last week (ahh little Jack, so exciting!), and I am figuring out really boring non-blog worthy wedding plans. (Ex. This plate shape vs. that plate shape. This shade of green vs. that shade of green for invitation ink. Do those napkins match those straws?) My poor maid of honor has been a real trooper... she lets me go on and on about the most boring of topics and then still pretends to care. Even better, she does for me in real life all the time... even when it isn't wedding related. I love you Sarah! (I so lucked out in the best friend department, and I never forget it!)

Anyhow, my life is crazy lately and so I have really been wanting to share a few pics from my work bridal shower! Okay, first of all... unbeknownst to me, my co-workers had actually read the blog (slightly embarrassing) and took a lot of my ideas for the wedding and incorporated them into the shower! It was all so thoughtful and wonderful :)
The shower was almost 2 weeks ago and they all really put thought and time into what they did for me and I appreciate it so much! They had mason jars to drink green punch from, lots of green balloons, and used burlap and fake magnolia flowers with tulle to decorate. (We have a talented person at all this stuff on our staff and she even glued fake pearls onto limes in the shape of "R"s to decorate the punch bowl area) The flowers were beautiful (they are still sitting on my kitchen table and look great!) We also had tons of great things to eat (key lime bars... yum.) but I have to say my favorite part of all were the games. In particular, one of those lovely (ahem, totally embarrassing!) games where the hosts of the shower go and interview your hubby to be and then you have to answer the questions at the shower. In front of EVERYONE! I think I was blushing the entire time... especially since my boss was sitting there with the answers. One of the questions happened to be "If you could change one thing about Whitney, what would it be?". Well first of all, the good answer should have been "nothing". And here I sit before my department trying to rack my brain on what appropriate answer AJR could have possibly written for them. But when they all read the answer on paper, they were dying laughing and looking around and cracking jokes about re-stocking our cabinets. (What in the world?!?!) Come to find out, "That she keeps stealing office supplies from work and giving them to me!" was his answer. Ohh, what a jokester I am marrying. I also discovered that his dream job is to be the babysitter for the E-trade baby (from the commercials). It's a good thing we didn't play the version where you have to chew the gum every time you get one wrong or else my jaw would still be sore! (I swear, I really do know the man.)

The food spread... yummy. (Check out the mason jars on the side... looove it)

close up :)

Oh, and they made me wear a super cool tiara/veil

My cake :) Mmm... I could eat some of that right now...

The cutting of the cake... always a Kodak moment.

The apron is one of the gifts I receieved... so cute! They apparently thought I should be a good house wife and one of my co-workers read to me aloud the The Good Wife's Guide. I guess I need to be more gay and interesting for him. My favorite line: "A good wife always knows her place." Well then...


  1. That apron is SO ADORABLE! Good to see you back to blogging :) I've been super busy too - it's hard to make time for everything (and my poor blog is suffering for it).

  2. Yay for new posts! Thanks, Whit! I love the limes, very cute! Awww Rowland, such a funny dude.