Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sugar Magnolia... Blossoms Blooming...

(I am now humming the Grateful Dead song...)

My aunt had a brilliant idea today when we were emailing back and forth about possible reception sites, what those sites would look like with different decorations, and what kind of flowers I would want, etc.

So far, the flowers are the one thing I just really want to put at the bottom of the list. I love flowers, but I feel like I never even remember what the flowers looked like when I'm at a wedding, and they are so gosh darn expensive (which apparently is a big theme for wedding related items) - plus they die the next day, so sad.

I told my aunt that I really just want an outdoor setting (lots of green grass nearby and hopefully set on the water with a nice view) so floral arrangements would be pretty unnecessary. I am also tunneling all my hopes into the mason jar idea, so flowers are just not a priority! 

She suggested magnolia blossoms among the mason jars with the candles and I am in love with the thought. Yet another classy Southern idea!

I love their blooms... so pretty and simple. I also think adding green hydrangeas to an arrangement would be very pretty! (Classic Bride suggested the flower girl carrying a magnolia blossom... oh, how sweet!)

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