Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Ring

Alright, so I finally found my battery charger (who knew one could accidently place camera equipment in the bathroom closet right next to the basket of shampoo and extra razor heads? oops.) which means I finally decided to take some pictures of my ring.

I couldn't help but feel really odd about it. Where do I take a picture of it at? Is this totally weird that I am about to showcase jewelry on a blog? Whatever. I decided other people find it necessary so I can only feel bad about it for a minute. (Or two.) I've also decided that pictures NEVER do justice. They are always deceiving! (I'm sorry photography, I didn't mean it.. I love you. But really, you never accurately depict anything! Whether it's for better or worse!) <-- Yes, totally lame marriage pun.

So yeah... I think like all things, seeing in person is just much much better than a photo posted online.
However, I am again in awe of the beauty of the ring. AJR- you are amazing. Seriously... where do they make men like you? I think people will be asking me how to get one of their own soon!

So... I am obsessed with pave. Which is what it's called when the stones are set very close together (in this case, around a bigger stone). I think it is very vintage and unique. The center stone happens to be my mom's old stone from her first engagement ring. Family heirloom! (I think I found my "something old" yay!)

AJR wanted to have twists in the side of the band... that was his idea and what he really envisioned before going in to have it made. I think it is so beautiful. (Plus I just love that he felt so strongly about a specific idea for me :)


So, yep. There it be. I love it. I love it. I love it!

(now do not judge me for posting pictures of my ring online. i'm still having insecurity about the issue. the end.)

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