Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feeling Accomplished :)

This weekend was good... I feel like we waded a little further up the wedding creek. (is that even a saying? guess I just made it up)

Some things we have done this weekend:

-- Trying to make headway on the dress (well, this is something I am doing... obviously AJR can't know any details!) I know what I want, I found an amazing seamstress who can help achieve it... I just need to find a base dress to help me get there....

-- I have unofficially booked a photographer, and am meeting with her on Wednesday to discuss specifics (and hand over the mula to stake our claim on her for our date!)

-- The Save the Dates are coming together with the help of our lovely graphic design talented friend, Bridget.

-- We met with our pastor for the first time to talk about the wedding. He was late for our appointment. And it made me angry. But... as long as he doesn't forget our wedding then I suppose he shall do. (This is to be determined. I don't like when people aren't punctual.)

-- We found the PERFECT reception site. When we book it, I shall post more details... but it is ahhh-mazing.

-- We started exploring honeymoon options! How incredible does this look? I'm sold!

(This is the two of us today... sometimes in the midst of crazy wedding planning, you need to remember to just relax and enjoy the simple lovely parts of love. I like holding hands.)

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