Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And the registry begins

Let me do a little posting on registry. First of all, this is something that when I tell people I am doing they go "Omigosh! Soooo fun!" (Well, if they are of female origin that is). And here is the fun part: Eventually you get really cool gifts. But first you have to choose these really cool gifts and that has proved to be a difficult thing! AJR and I went to Crate and Barrel on Saturday and were a bit overwhelmed with the choices. In fact, we were there for an hour and a half and never even touched the cool gun clicker thingy! We thought we would “look around” before we committed to putting things on the registry, but by the time we even got to the second floor of the store, we were exhausted.
And apparently the second floor is where all the good stuff is, like furniture. ie. Comfy leather couches that we could sit in while we dreamed of owning this trunk as our future coffee table. Anyhow, I decided to come home and do it online, which was a little easier since I wasn’t distracted by all the Christmas displays that were every five feet in the store.

Then last night I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, which is our second place to list our wants and needs for a refined home environment. I actually spent 30 minutes contemplating between towels. I also registered for two towels that were 39.99 each. My conscience is killing me. All the wedding marketing people try to convince you that you need to let guests spoil you by registering for completely unpractical and ridiculously expensive items. The guilt is eating at me. I may have to reconsider those forty dollar towels.

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