Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Point

Normal people would think this is awkward. But I have no shame.

The past few weeks I have become utterly OBSESSED with blogs... namely wedding blogs. And wow! There are a TON of amazing ideas out there. Which led me to the conclusion that I should in fact, start my own to compile all my favorite things I find to weed out the stuff I don't want.

The kicker is... (*drumroll) I'm not actually a bride yet... (ahem. cricket cricket.)

HOWEVER... here's the deal:

I am in love with my best friend. He is my world, and his name is AJR. The coolest part about it all... is he feels the same about me, and we plan on getting engaged asap! He had dinner with my parents a few nights ago and popped THEM the question, so now I will wait around hopelessly until he he pops ME the question :)

To pass time, and because I am undoubtedly one of the most impatient human beings on earth, AND I am somewhat a perfectionist, I decided to take the liberty of "fake-planning" my wedding until I'm really allowed to. So... browsing fun DIY wedding ideas and photography sites never hurt anyone, right? Right? Er....

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  1. I love the cake stand. Are you thinking of a traditional cake? This is so exciting. love,mom