Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cotton Candy

Last night AJR took me to a Redskins game. While there, I was dying to get some cotton candy. Ecstatic with my sugar rush I exclaimed, "Omigosh, I LOVE cotton candy! Can we please have it at our wedding?!?!" To which he replied with a small shake of a head and a "um. no."

Hmm... Maybe it was because he was so absorbed in watching the game that he wasn't able to quite picture glorious puffs of artificially colored sugar making their rounds at our wedding reception...

How serious was he about that no?

(How serious was I with that idea?)

I decided to google image "cotton candy wedding" and I found one. Kinda cute. :)cotton candy bride

1 comment:

  1. OK, suddenly I'm the "bad guy" because I don't like sticky fingers. Along the same lines, the following is also forbidden:

    Crushing grapes to make wine
    Ice cream cones
    Dirty carnival children

    I love you!