Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Listing it up

I really feel like I have a lot accomplished at this point, but I am also getting a little discouraged because of how much there is left to do. Sigh.

Some things still left to do that I want to cross off the list soon:

~INVITATIONS - this is really important because they need to be sent out in 7 weeks! That's 7 weeks to pick out a style, have them printed, stuff them, and address them. I'm a little worried.

~Groomsmen and my Groom's suits! For this I blame my beloved AJR... he needs to get off his butt and pick something out!

~My flower girls dresses. Actually, I need to officially ask them to be in the wedding as well, which I plan on doing next week. I had decided to wait so that I wouldn't get them hyped up about it too far in advance. I bought them a little book about being a flower girl and everything!

~A ceremony time. The simplest of matters, yet hard to decide. I must figure out how long the ceremony will be, how long it will take for pictures, will we have enough time for a cocktail hour and for people to eat before sunset? So much to consider!

~A song for the ceremony. My friend Natalie who has a beautiful voice has agreed to sing at the wedding. I'm really thrilled about it because I enjoy having people that I care about involved in as many aspects of the day as possible. Now we just need to pick a song that suits her voice and that matches mine and Andrew's taste, and that the pastor agrees is appropriate to play in the church....

~Flowers. I've been doing a lot of posting on that lately, and I am comfortable with my taste in how the bouquets will look... but I need to decide on a florist, how many flowers we want there, and what exact flowers we will need.

So those are just some items that are on my mind that I want to get out of the way so I can focus on some detail things. I am currently in a mad job hunt because my lease in Richmond is up in 2 months! So on top of wedding planning, I need a job and a new apartment for me and my future husband to move into. Whew. I do however, have two bartenders! Yay! My uncle's sister and brother-in-law will be handling the job for us that evening, so I am thankful for that! We have also booked a caterer which is exciting as well! Our guests shall have food! Woot! (I will post on our menu choice and caterer this week! :) The dress is coming along nicely and I hopefully only have 2 or 3 more visits before everything is all finalized! (Wish I could share more details on this matter) My Maid of Honor and I have also chosen dates for my bridal shower and bachelorette party... so I know she is going to be busy planning that! So excited because I know she will do an AMAZING job putting those together!

So I think the key is to focus on all the progress that I HAVE made and not get too caught up in all the things left. I know it will fly by and before I know it, these things will be crossing themselves off the list! I can't believe how much we have accomplished thus far and I am pretty psyched about it all!

This is the moment I am most looking forward to... first kiss as husband and wife :) The moment that is kind of what all this stress and planning and life changing steps are for. The thought of that makes me feel pretty content about all the wedding nonsense. Who cares if my table runners aren't the right size or if the D.J. plays the song I put on the "do not play" list.... I GET TO MARRY MY BEST FRIEND! Life couldn't possibly get better than that!

From our very own wedding photographer, Kelsey Thompson's, blog

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